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How to get an Amenity Pass

Step 1:  Go to on your smartphone, tablet or computer. Search for "Holly Ridge Apartments" and tap/click on the result in the list.
Step 2:  Tap/click on the amenity you want to use, select any available time for the pass, and tap/click "CONTINUE" at the bottom of the screen.
Step 3:  Enter your apartment #, passcode and name. You may also need to enter your phone number and/or email (this info will not be shared with outside parties). When everything has been entered, tap/click "GET PASS" at the bottom of the screen.

To cancel your pass:
Tap/click the "cancel pass" link at the bottom of your pass confirmation, enter your passcode, and tap/click "CANCEL PASS". Passes may not be canceled after the start time.

To get a pass for multiple people:
Repeat the process above for each person who needs to use the amenity. Every person using a shared amenity (one not reserved by a single apartment) MUST have their own pass. Limits may apply according to the amenity rules.